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Labor Law Posters are now available for 2014 and ready to ship.

By law, your facility must post federal and state labor law posters. If you're not meeting the posting requirements specific to your state, your company could face serious fines! Now you can steer clear of these costly fines and get all of the federal and state posters in one stop with our all-new All-In-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster.

The U.S. Federal government has 6 general required labor law postings. These are required to be posted by ALL employers in the U.S. In addition to these general postings, there are up to 5 postings that some workplaces are required to post. Please read this entire page so that your business receives all of its required Federal postings.

These convenient, laminated posters allow you to save time and money. Instead of trying to track down each required posting yourself, you'll get every poster you need in an All-In-One poster. These posters are guaranteed to be up-to-date at the time you order.

Contents Include:
  • Equal Employment Opportunity posting
  • USERRA posting
  • OSHA, "It's The Law" posting
  • Employee Polygraph posting
  • Fair Labor Standards Act posting - minimum wage
  • Family & Medical Leave Act posting
    (for employers with 50 or more employees)
  • Military Family Leave Notice
    (for employers with 50 or more employees)
  • Also includes these recommended postings:
    • IRS #213 - Withholding announcement
    • Employee Payday Notice
    • INS Anti-Discrimination Posting

As mentioned above, the "Federal Labor Law Poster" #P9FED contains the general required postings.
In addition to this you may be required to post one or more of the following postings.
If applicable to your workplace, please order these additional postings below.

E-Verify Posting

E-Verify is mandatory for some employers, such as those employers with federal contracts or subcontracts that contain the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) E-Verify clause and employers in certain states.

English Only
11" x 17"

Notice to Workers With Disabilities / Special Minimum Wage

Every employer of workers with disabilities under special minimum wage certificates authorized by the Fair Labor Standards Act, the McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act, and/or the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act shall display a poster prescribed by the Wage and Hour Division explaining the conditions under which special minimum wages may be paid.

English Only
11" x 17"

Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA)

Each farm labor contractor, agricultural employer and agricultural association which is subject to the MSPA and who employs any migrant or seasonal agricultural worker(s) shall post a poster which explains the rights and protections for workers required under the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act.

English or Spanish
11" x 17"

Beck Poster

Executive Order #13201: Requires government contractors to post the notice of employee rights concerning payment of union dues poster.

English or Spanish
11" x 17"

Davis-Bacon Poster (Government Construction)

Every employer performing work covered by the labor standards of The Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (Federally contracted construction projects) shall post a notice at the site of the work in a prominent and accessible place where it may be easily seen by employees.

English Only
11" x 17"

Service Contract Act / Walsh-Healy Poster

Every employer performing work covered by the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act or the McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act (SCA) is required to post a notice of the compensation required in a prominent and accessible location at the worksite where it may be seen by all employees performing on the contract.

English Only
11" x 17"

Fair Labor Standards Act (Minimum Wage) for Agricultural Workers

Any employer that performs covered work for an employer who used more than 500 man-days of farm labor in any calendar quarter of the preceding year. A man-day means any day when an employee (except for a member of the employer's immediate family) does agricultural work for at least one hour.

English Only
11" x 17"

Additionally, each state has it's own poster requirements.
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Printed Federal Labor Posters