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Glove Care and Maintenance

Maximizing safety by assuring industrial hand protection can only be achieved when proper care and cleaning of gloves is maintained on a regular basis. Effective care will increase savings by affording longer glove life.

  • Cleaning/Washing

    Most styles of leather, cotton, synthetics, unsupported and strings will perform better and last longer when regularly cleaned. Certain styles of each type of glove withstand the rigors of laundering better than others. Leather, cotton, and strings can be commercially laundered. Minimal shrinkage will be common. Unsupported and synthetics require greater care. A good practice of washing gloves at regular intervals with running water while wearing will slow permeation and contamination. General solvents may be necessary, if water is not adequate for cleaning. Proper evaluation of chemicals involved is necessary for specific cleaning solvent recommendations. Before storing gloves at day's end, a final washing, then cloth drying, is recommended.

  • Inspection

    Daily inspections are recommended prior to wearing to assure that no significant damage to either the inside or outside surface has occurred.

  • Storage

    Gloves should be stored in well-ventilated bins or shelves at normal room temperature free from direct sunlight.

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