Ergonomics Products


Ergonomics looks at what kind of work you do what tools you use and your whole job environment. The aim is to find the best fit between you and your job conditions. Examples of ergonomic changes to your work might include:

  • Adjusting the position of your computer keyboard to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Being sure that the height of your desk chair allows your feet to rest flat on floor
  • Learning the right way to lift heavy objects to prevent back injuries
  • Using handle coatings or special gloves to suppress vibrations from power tools
  • Making sure that you have good posture in whatever you do, whether it is sitting in front of a computer,
    standing at a checkout, or walking around a warehouse

ABC Safetymart can supply products that address most of these issues including Back Supports, Anti Vibration Gloves, Knee Pads, Wrist Supports and more!