ERB #14371 Full Chainsaw Safety Helmet Kit

ERB #14371 Full Chainsaw Safety Helmet Kit

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ERB #14371
Full Chainsaw Safety Helmet Kit


Our ERB full chainsaw safety helmet kits offer reliable protection, and they can help to prevent devastating accidents. These kits are perfect for workers who use chainsaws, and they’re designed to protect your head, eyes and ears.

A chainsaw is an effective cutting tool, but it can also be very unpredictable. Depending on what you're cutting, a chainsaw can swing backwards and cause severe injury, which is called kickback. This dangerous scenario has injured thousands of workers, and to prevent this from happening to you, consider our ERB chainsaw kit.

This kit delivers excellent protection, and it comes in a convenient package. The kit comes with an orange Omega IITM Mega ratchet safety helmet, which meets ANSI safety requirements. With a steel mesh face screen, the kit will protect your face against flying debris, and the visor carrier attachment comes with a cam-lock feature, which keeps the screen in the correct position.

The deluxe ear muff attachment fits securely into the accessory slots on the helmet and meets ANSI S3.10 requirements. The included goggles are made with an anti-fog coating, flexible vinyl frame and polycarbonate lens.

For maximum comfort, the included chin strap is made of soft cotton, and it offers plenty of control and comfort. If your work involves a chainsaw, then you need protection you can count on, and by purchasing this kit, you can get the protection you need and avoid buying several individual products.

  • Offers full-range protection
  • Model 400 steel mesh face screen protects against flying debris
  • Visor carrier attachment locks onto your face
  • Deluxe earmuff attachment hooks into accessory slots on helmet
  • Anti-fog goggles feature a flexible vinyl frame and have a polycarbonate lens
  • Chin strap made from a blend of soft cotton and elastic
ERB #14371 Full Chainsaw Safety Helmet Kit
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