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ERB #19402 Baseball Safety Cap Insert (Insert Only)

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Baseball Safety Cap Insert
(Insert Only)

The ERB soft bump cap won't protect your head against major impacts, but with a hard inner shell, it's perfect for low-risk work environments. This is a simple hat, and it's a popular choice for workers who need light protection.

The outer layer of the hat is a blend of cotton and polyester, and from the outside, the hat looks like a standard baseball cap. However, the inside consists of a hard shell, and the six-panel design offers more protection than you'd get from a regular baseball cap.

For increased air circulation, the top portion of the interior has several holes, and the plastic shell offers basic protection against minor scrapes and bumps. Although this isn't a good product for hazardous environments, it's great for mechanical work, food processing, warehousing and meat packing.

If you don't have to worry about major blows to your head, then the ERB soft bump cap is worth considering. This product is designed to fit most head sizes, and it doesn't have replaceable parts. The entire cap is made from 100 percent cotton, and it's comfortable enough to be worn for hours.

  • Provides basic protection against scrapes and bruises
  • Made from 100 percent cotton
  • Doesn't have any replaceable parts
  • Features a six-panel design
  • Exterior looks like a regular baseball cap

Bump caps do not meet ANSI Z89.1 and are not to be worn for protection from falling or glancing objects

SKU ~ ML-19402
Baseball Safety Cap Insert
(Insert Only)