Black ERB Safety Bump Caps

ERB Safety Bump Caps (All Colors)

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Economy Safety Bump Caps
(All Colors)

The ERB economy safety bump caps will protect your head from impacts, but they don't offer the same level of protection that you'd get from ANSI safety helmets. If your work requires protection against minor bumps, lacerations and bruises, then these helmets are worth considering.

As long as the application doesn't require ANSI hard hats, then the ERB economy bump caps can protect your head. Each helmet features a shell that is made from polyethylene, and with a pin-lock suspension, you can make adjustments to get a great fit.

Since the included suspension has a total of four points, impact energy from bumps is disbursed evenly, which reduces your risk of injury. The ERB economy bump helmets are made to fit most adults, but they aren't as big as traditional helmets. A benefit of the smaller size is increased comfort, and these hats don't weigh nearly as much as standard products.

Many workers choose our ERB economy bump helmets because they have vents built into each side, and by increasing air circulation, the vents improve comfort and keep you cool in hot environments.

With a lightweight, comfortable design, these helmets are ideal for light construction work, and they're some of the best products available for low-risk work. The smaller style makes it easier to see in front of you, and the rugged design makes these safety helmets suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Optimum protection and lightweight comfort is
  • Great choice for low-risk work environments
  • Only weighs 7.5 ounces
  • Can fit most adult head sizes
  • Made with side vents for better cooling and air circulation
  • Perfect for hot work environments


Bump caps do not meet ANSI Z89.1 and are not to be worn for protection from falling or glancing objects

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Economy Safety Bump Caps
(All Colors)
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