Flames Hydrographic CAP Style GLOW IN THE DARK Hardhats - Ratchet Suspension ~ Oblique View

Flames Hydrographic CAP Style GLOW IN THE DARK Hardhats - Ratchet Suspension

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Cap Style
"Glow in the Dark"
Hydrographic Safety Hardhat

Looking for a safety helmet with some personality? Check out our full line of Hydrographic safety hard hats. These hats are custom dipped with a design that covers the entire surface of the hard hat shell. The safety helmets are hand dipped with the pattern of your choice and usually take just a day to produce and a day to gloss and let dry. We carry a wide selection of patterns and adding new designs often.

Show a little personality while staying safe.
Features and Notes:
  • The Hydro Dipped Hard Hats are also known as Water Transfer Printed or 3D Printed hard hats.
  • The exterior surface of the hard hat is covered by the design and will not fade or easily scratch.
  • Each hat is individually dipped and each hard hat is completely unique.
  • We start with a brand new ERB Glo-Mega Omega II Cap Style with 4 point suspension for the hard hat shell.
  • And then we add a top coat of PPG automotive paint, dip the hat with the custom ink design, and then add a glossy clear coat to keep the design safe and secure.
  • The process is actually a lot more work than it sounds, but the designs are truly amazing once completed.
  • Currently we are producing about 68 different patterns of water dipped hard hats, in both the cap style and the Cap Style design.
  • Comes standard with an adjustable ratchet suspensions.
  • Notes:
    • The Hydrographic Safety Helmets are made to order which takes around 2 business days; however, there may be an additional 3-4 day lead time on larger orders
    • Since the hard hats have been modified from the factory, we can not say they are ANSI class 1 hard hats; however, we are taking a NEW ANSI approved hard hat and adding several layers of paint, ink, and glossy coating which can actually strengthen the hard hat shell.
    • Great for general applications
    • Polyethylene shell is durable, comfortable and sleek
    • 6-point suspension disburses impact energy through six different points
    • Can be worn backwards and retain safety certification
    • Fits head sizes 6.5 to a size 8
    • REPLACEMENT Ratchet Suspensions Available  Click Here
    • REPLACEMENT Pin Lock Suspensions Available  Click Here

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Cap Style
Hydrographic Safety Hardhat
 About Glow in the Dark Hard Hats 

ABC Safetymart has begun to produce a glow in the dark variant of the hydro dipped safety helmets. These items enhance safety since now you can be visible in both dark and light conditions. During daylight hours the helmet has a somewhat yellowish white tint but when exposed to a light source the hat will glow in a greenish color and the graphic design of the hat will then be highlighted by the glowing background.

Activations is simple, just place the hat near a light source for 10-20 minutes. Bright sunlight works best but exposure to a light bulb for the same length of time will also activate the hat. Fully charged, the hat has an extremely bright glow but the glow will start to fade as soon once the light is removed. The glowing fades quickly at first and then will level off and stay charged up to a few days. The helmets are non toxic and the glowing properties will outlast the life span of the hard hat. Show a bit of personality and at the same time be safe with these unique glow in the dark hats!

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What causes the hat to glow?
A: The glow is caused by photoluminescence, commonly referred to as Glow-in-the-Dark. The materials used in these hats are nothing at all like the glow-in-the-dark materials of several years ago. They charge quickly and glow much brighter and much longer than the glow-in-the-dark items you may remember having as a child.

Q: How long does it take to charge the hat?
A: Charging for 10 or 20 minutes in sunlight would be excellent to produce a stong lasting glow. A half hour in bright fluorescent light would be very good. Even 20 minutes near a 40W incandescent bulb will generate significant glow.

Q: How brightly does the hat glow?
A: In intermediate levels of lighting, the Glo-Mega takes on a greenish color as the glow competes with the light from its surroundings. In dark conditions, the Glo-Mega's glow has been measured at 1220 mcd/m2 immediately after charging and, after ten minutes, was still 45 times as bright as required by ASTM 2073 for emergency signage.

Q: How long can the glow be seen?
A: To eyes accustomed to the dark, the glow can be seen for several days or even weeks after a suitable change. The following table shows the brightness measured in one test at various intervals after a charge:

Time in Dark   Luminance
10 minutes   908
30 minutes   342
1 Hour   189
2 Hours   119
4 Hours   67
8 Hours   32
16 Hours   18
24 Hours   13

The average human eye can see a glow down to about 0.0032 mcd/m2.
(Some standards measure afterglow time as the time to fade 100 times that level or 0.30 mcd/m2.)

Q: How does the after-glow of the hat fade?
A: The fading begins as soon as the source of charging is removed - faster at first then slowing over a long period of time. For a number of hours, this fading is partially offset by a dramatic increase in the sensitivity of the eye to see light.

Q: What is the useful life of the product?
A: The hat has a normal life span of a molded polyethylene safety helmet. The photoluminescent properties, however, should last almost indefinitely.

Q: What is the difference between fluorescence and photoluminescence?
A: Both absorb light, especially ultraviolet, and then emit light at a different (usually longer) wavelength. Fluorescence is immediate and only visible during external illumination. Photoluminesscence is similar but the light emitted from the material is delayed so it is still visible after the illumination is removed.

Q: What are the blemishes that sometimes occur on the helmets?
A: Helmets are produced without the coloring pigments typically used in safety helmets. These pigments hide many minor blemishes but would drastically reduce the Glo-Mega's photoluminescent properties. The blemishes are naturally produced by the manufacturing process and are purely cosmetic in nature. They do not in any way reduce the effectiveness of the hardhat.

Q: Does the Glo-Mega meet OSHA requirements?
A: The hats fully complies with the ANSI Z89.1-2014 Standard for a Type 1 (crown impact), Class E, G and C safety helmet.

Q: Can the hat be imprinted or otherwise customized?
A: The hardhat can be imprinted. In this case, the logo or image will bee seen as dark against the glowing helmet. Also, flourescent and/or retroreflective adhesive strips can be added for daytime or illuminated nighttime conspicuity. Other decorations and attachments may be added provided that any adhesives that are used are compatible with the high density polyethylene shell.