Impact PE Coated Protective Work Sleeves

Impact # 2410sl PE Coated Protective Work Sleeves (100 per case)

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PE Coated
Protective Work Sleeves
(100 per case)
Economical Splash Protection...

These disposable polypropylene garments are ideal for use in nonhazardous environments such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, food processing facilities and painting applications.
An effective, low cost alternative for those who need general protection from dirt and grime.
Polycoated spunbound fabric acts as a particulate barrier providing maximum fluid protection. These products offer high strength and toughness, yet are soft, comfortable and affordable.

  • These PE Coated Disposable Sleeves are available with a .75 PE coating for extra chemical resistance.
  • These PE Coated sleeves offer an 18" length and elastic wrists.
  • Offers superior fluid protection
  • High strength and toughness
  • Comfortable and affordable
  • Reliable protection against grime and dirt
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SKU ~ ML-2410sl
PE Coated
Protective Work Sleeves
(100 per case)