MSA Cap Style V-Gard Helmets Swing Suspensions

  MSA Cap Style V-Gard Helmets
Swing Ratchet Suspensions

This type of the MSA™ V-Gard® Cap style helmets are equipped with the new Swing Ratchet Suspension which are great for welders, iron workers and anyone that needs to wear the hat with the bill toward the back of the head and be able to quickly reverse the suspension with the bill in the forward position. Like all MSA™ caps, they are available in a rainbow of vibrant colors. This suspension is also easy to adjust, just a quick turn of he knob is all that is necessary.

Each helmet is designed to fit most adults and since all the components are made in the United States, you know you're getting a great product. The Swing Ratchet Suspension is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time while keeping the hat securely attached to your head.