Reflective Decals Applied to New Safety Hardhats

Reflective Decals Applied to New Safety Hardhats

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Add a little style and personality to your standard hard hat; as well as, adding some extra visibility in low light conditions.
The decals can be easily attached to the front, back, or sides of your hard hat or any other flat or curved surfaces.
The decals also work great for motorcycle helmets, tool boxes, windows, or any other applications where stickers are appropriate.

The decals are made from engineering-grade 3M® Scotchlite™ Reflective Vinyl and is rated for 7 year durability.
This maximum day or night impact material resists heat, cold, water, mild acids, alkalis and salts and meets or exceeds Federal Specifications; L-S 300C (reflectivity 1), and FP-85 (Type II). These decals are approximately 3.5 inches in length and width depending on the image design.

aninew.gif Save Time and Money

Let us do the work for you!

The process is simple: Order your hard hats then return to this page, select the style of sticker you would like to add and order them as well.We will take it from there, when you receive your hard hat order the stickers will be already applied.
Call 1-800-646-5346 during regular business hours and we will answer any questions you may have..


Reflective Decals
Added to your hat
We can also reproduce other simple designs in quantities over 10 decals.
The prices would be the same; however, there would be a $25.00 one time set up charge.
If you are interested, please email us with your design and idea.