Stanco #214-WL 22 Oz High Temperature Safety Gloves (SINGLE PAIR) (

Stanco #214-WL 22 Ounce High Temperature Safety Gloves (SINGLE PAIR)

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22 Ounce
High Temperature Safety Gloves

High Temperature Glove with Leather Palm.
This 22 Ounce Heat resistant glove is designed for heat resistance and can handle up to 800 degrees in short durations. It is a 14" glove with KEVLAR® fiber material. The work glove has a full wool lining for added heat resistance. In addition, the high temp glove is also available with a leather reinforced palm, thumb and fingers.

Ideal for foundries, glass blowing, and metal forging. These high temp gloves are a very thick and are designed for heat resistance; consequently, the dexterity of the glove is extremely limited.

Features and Notes:
  • Made of Kevlar® fibers
  • Designed with additional leather palm
  • Can handle heat up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Wool lining keeps hands cool and comfortable
  • Leather palm covers all critical areas
  • Protects against sparks and flames
  • Commonly used for glass blowing and metal forging
  • Extreme Heat Protection
  • Flame and Spark Resistance
  • Foundries
  • Glass Blowing
  • Metal Forging
  • Available in men's sizing only.
  • Prices shown are per pair.
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22 Ounce
High Temperature Safety Gloves
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