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Stanco Nomex IIIA Flame Resistant Overalls

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Nomex IIIA Overalls
(4.5 Ounce Fabric)

Inherently flame Resistant

Nomex IIIA aramid is a permanently, inherently flame resistant and anti-static fiber blend with a unique molecular structure consisting of 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar and 2% static dissipative fiber. Weighing only 4.5 oz per square yard for lightweight comfort, garments made of NOMEX IIIA will not burn in air, melt, drip or break open and act as a protective barrier when exposed to intense heat, flash fires or electric arcs.

Flame resistant Nomex IIIA suits dissipate electrical charges from fabric to fabric and fabric to surface rubbing, they provides an extra level of comfort against nuisance static, however the only way to protect against other likely sources of sparking is by grounding.

Nomex IIIA fiber blends have good resistance to many chemicals such as organics, acids and bases, but are not designed to protect the wearer against molten chemicals or in critical static control operations.

NOMEX IIIA is widely recognized as a premier fabric providing protection against possible exposure to flame or arc with applications in petrochemicals, utilities, military, auto racing and firefighting. Nomex is inherently flame resistant and this property cannot be degraded by laundering.

Special Features
    • 7 double-stitched pockets: 2 breast, 2 rear, 2 hip, 1 tool
    • One-piece back (action back) NOMEX IIIA zipper & thread
    • Non-sparking covered snaps on lapel, wrists and pass-throughs
    • Lock-down safety stitching throughout w/ feld seam seat
    • All stress points bar tacked
    • Elastic in waistband
    • Meets or exceeds; NFPA 70E, 1971, 1975, 1977, ASTM F1506, ARC thermal performance tested, UL Certified
    • The cal rating for the 4.5 oz. Nomex is: 4.5 cal cm/2
    • Colors: Navy Blue, Orange, Royal Blue, Khaki.
    • Sizes S-5X (36-64).
    • Consider upsizing if you are wearing garments over street clothes and jackets.
    • Packed 25 per case.
    • Prices shown are for cases.
    • Sizes 2X and larger costs a bit more due to the increased amount of material required to make them
SKU ~ ML-NX4681
Nomex IIIA Overalls
(4.5 Ounce Fabric)
Nomex® Is a registered trademark of
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.
Sizing Chart
Height Weight(lbs) Size
6'8" 240-300  4XL
 6'6" 220-300 3XL/4XL
 6'4" 180-280 2XL/3XL
 6'2" 160-250 XL/2XL
 6' 160-250 XL/2XL
 5'10" 130-200 L/XL
 5'8" 130-220 L/XL
 5'6" 110-200 M/L
 5'4" 110-180 S/M
 5'2" 110-180 S/M
 5' 110-140 S
This chart is a guide for garment selection, but proper fit varies with individual body shape and under-clothing.Test for proper garment fit before use.

Garment performance depends on selecting appropriate size.